My last post as a single woman

It just dawned upon me that I’m getting married very soon. It’s just 2 weeks away and I can’t wait to be Mrs Choy. I have been asking around newly wed couples, “how is married life? And how are things different?” While they can always go on talking about their mother in law, but what they always end up saying is they are happier now! They have a person to look forward to every night, they can cuddle their husband every night, etc. You should hear how they describe it with a mega smile or a little bit of sheepish smile on their faces. I’m extremely happy for them and I wish the same for us, I’m sure it will be, the difference is probably the level of euphoria!

The excitement really slowly builds up. I feel really blissful at the thought of marrying Choy, the one that I would want to spend the rest of my life with. Woahh! Everything seems so near, I can smell the air of happily married couple!

There are actually alot to prepare and to plan for a wedding, but I’m not too bothered by those, really. I’m never a bridezilla to begin with, I think I can be ranked top for the most disorganized bride to be. I understand that it’s a life time happiness, I just want to keep it simple and welcome others to share our joy, that’s it. As simple as that, everything will fall into place.

Anyways, I’m really excited and I do know that there are many friends out there who are excited for me as well. Thank you! Lets look forward to the big day. Till then, another picture of us 😉

This is one of my favourite, classic



My affinity with Moscow

As what the title suggests, I have lots of luck with Moscow.. This is the 3rd time in a year? The long haul flight ranging from 11-18 hours is driving me crazy. And it doesn’t help if the flight is really packed, and I can’t even stretch out my legs..

Well it’s a great opportunity, and I think the experience or rather the work that I’ve done for Moscow is pretty positive, so I’m thankful. However, I think I would not wanna come again period!

Here’s what I’ve seen of Moscow…

The food… I must say, the food there is really good. The borsch soup, made from many different vegetables, is really tasty, I always finish 1 bowl by myself. You need to add sour cream to it as well, it enhances the soup further.

Love the dumplings as well, small little ones and you dip it into sour cream or mayonnaise. So tasty…


The ‘snow’ experience… Ok, I cheated, I planted the snow flakes using an app, but the background snow is still valid. It’s freezing weather!

Last but not least, the buildings in Moscow. Kremlin is really beautiful, but there’s all I’ve seen in Moscow. It’s not safe to travel around here. It is not a tourist friendly place, difficult to get around..but, we managed to work our way around taking the metro. Note that there are not English signs in Moscow, and people hardly speak English here, so getting around is not easy. By taxi would take you a really long time due to the bad traffic.




If you ask me would I want to go Moscow again, no I wouldn’t. I’d rather explore places like Istanbul 🙂

Happy new year 2013!

This year has been a great year. Everyone’s been writing their reflection of the year and posting on fb, but I shall post it on my blog instead. And I shall mark it based on Chinese New Year.

It’s been a busy but fruitful year. I hope next year would stay the same. Had my fair share of busy and free period during work, got my promotion, went for worktrip, and got an ‘enquiring challenger’ award – cash prize! Though there are ups and downs at work, I’m glad I managed to pull through, and become where I am today. Of course there are still loads to learn and pick-up.

As for my love life, nothing can beat the euphoria on my engagement day. I’ve been waiting to say ‘yes’ for I’m sure and want my dearest to be the one. Though this year, there isn’t any long trips planned as we are saving up for our wedding and house. I’m still blissful, spending loads of quality and quantity time with my dear. And yes, my dear has officially graduated! Yeay! I’m glad his workload will become much lighter 🙂 and of course he has more time with me now!

Social life – sometimes one will still feel empty and alone even when there are many friends around you.

Wants – A part of me always tell myself to be contented, but sometimes I can’t help it. I know I have an extremely loving fiancé, I know I have very supportive family, I know my career is on track. But I still yearn for more 😦 when can I put a full stop to it?

Overall I’m extremely excited for the year, I want to start planning my wedding and all! Heres a glimpse of the dress, though its not the chosen one yet


Recent happenings

It’s been a long time since my last post, trying to whisk the dust away! A part of me wants to leave it as that, as the last post is my most memorable day for me to remember and it still is! 🙂

Life has been good, still feeling so blissful in love, even when we meet so often, I still yearn to be by his side all the time ❤

I'm trying to recall what I have done the past months, I'm living my life happily! I'm just listing the events, and giving it a short caption, otherwise I can never be done!

My ❤ birthday – it was a simple day out with my dear, nothing more than that, sometimes I'm guilty of not pampering my dear enough, but I've prepared 27 small little presents for him to mark his 27th birthday! I'm glad he loves it, he better do!


Our once a year genting trip (at least) – I’ve said this many times, but I love the weather and I love that it’s a cheap short getaway, far enough from work to stop me from checking my mails. This time round, we went to the lavender farm, and also tried new dining places called bubbles and bites, I actually like the place!




Halloween night – I love themed parties, dressing up, unlike the usual way u do. I secretly love to wear something less feminine than I usually do, hence I kinda like the cross dressing outfit. Bought my hat, bow tie and suspenders from bugis at a very cheap rate, all for about 20 bucks, I’m super amazed by how it turns out!



Istanbul – my long awaited work trip
Okay, I wasn’t exactly anticipating this trip, I wanted this trip to happen just so that I could finish up and end my project. It’s been on-going for too long! Lets move on to the happier bits, love the hotel, love the room service kebabs and love the magnificent buildings, mosque! It’s really pretty, and to me it seems like a very romantic place, how I’d wish my ❤ was with me. My colleague and I were pretty adventurous to get on the Bosphorus cruise tour and then went all the way up to the ruins of yoros castle, the view always breathtaking! All in all it's a good trip and I'm glad it happened! Alway love the opportunity to travel during work trips!






Team lunch – as our team won an award for being the most inspirational team, we decided to reward ourselves for a Shangri la, the line treat! Well, it’s the first time I’ve really tasted the fresh oysters. I must say the seafood was good and I helped myself to quite a bit! Sorry no pictures as I was busy eating


Company Dnd – this time it’s at azzura, one of the beach club in sentosa. Had 3 sky ride + luge ride, it’s really fun! I love it, especially when it’s free. Again it was a themed party – mismatched. I crack my brains and really can’t find anything mismatched without looking weird and funny. But here’s my final outfit!




That’s all the updates that I have. Recently, I’ve been busy planning my Taiwan trip, and Im sure it will be a blast! My next post hopefully will be the Christmas updates and my Taiwan trip when I’m back! It’s been a great year, I’m looking forward to an even more awesome one next year!

Bali – A memorable trip (cont)

Finally, I’m here to continue part 2.

Day 3 part 2
Upon reaching the villa, there goes my daily routine again – switch on the tv to catch some movies, and at the same time, tap on the wifi and stay connected to the rest of the world!

Bf went straight to the bathroom. Awhile later, I was wondering why did he take such a long time. So I called out to him and went to the toilet to look for him. Then I realised he wasn’t around. As usual, he likes to play hide and seek with me, always hiding around and waiting for a chance to scare me! I was thinking “I’m not that stupid to let you scare me again!” so I went back to the bedroom. Of course he came over shortly, and I kinda ignore his presence. *laughs* Well, then he offered to get me a glass of water. He went out of the bedroom again to fetch me a glass of water. BUT he took such a long time again! I called out to him again and walked towards the bedroom door. When I open the door, he stood right in front of me.

Me: what are you doing?!
Bf: come over, let me show you…

*bf held my hands and dragged me to the living room area. He pointed at the nicely decorated flowers shaped into a heart*
My eyes sparkled while looking at the beautiful flowers! It was so romantic!

Bf: is it beautiful?
Me: wow it’s pretty!

I was still very oblivious to everything that is happening!

And the background music playing…

“From this moment, life has begun
From this moment, you are the one”

It was only when i heard the background music, then i got suspicious.

*startled,my head turns to bf. Bf slips his hands into his pocket, draws out a ringbox”

It came as a shock to me and I totally didn’t expect that at all!

I actually shook my head and said “no no no no… You are not doing this to me!”

*bf knelt down right in front of me*

Would you do me the honour of marrying me?

I was giggling non stop, nodded my head and said yes!

I knew I wanted to say yes, I was very sure and very clear headed, I know what I wanted. I know I wanted Choy, I wanted him badly, to be my husband!

*bf took out the ring from the box and slips into my ring finger*

We hugged, kissed and he lifted me up and carried me back to the bedroom.

Others might think that we are progressing too quickly, but to me, it’s not just about the time. It’s about how we interact, how we connect, and more importantly how we feel about each other. When I gaze at his face, I know he’s meant for me. <;3

I'm really excited about our next stage of life! I really hope to have our own love nest soon, and to even start our family. The thought of it excites me. I know that he will definitely be a good husband and good daddy, and I'm looking forward to it!

That pretty much sums up the rest of the 3rd day in Bali. It is especially memorable for us!


Day 4
We decided to hire the driver again for the first half of the day, to Uluwatu temple.

It was quite an eye opener, yet at the same time scary! The scenery there is pretty awesome. Cliffs, more cliffs, different shades of the seawater and temple.

While walking along the trail, there are many monkeys around. They are free to walk around, jump around, and I’m sure they ‘mate’ around! *laughs* these monkeys are extremely aggressive, snatching hats, sunglasses and even water bottles. I was so afraid that they would jump up at me. Especially this monkey, blocking our way to the other side of the temple


After spending the whole morning there, we decided to go back to our villa and slack the whole day, making full use of our private swimming pool.
My dear took an extremely long while to warm himself up. The water is extremely cold. A video only kept for private view, it’s too hilarious! We took pictures underneath the water too and had lots of fun! The remaining time was spent lazing around the villa and watching lord of the rings.

Day 5
It was the very last day 😦 you always feel very sad on the very last day and would love to linger around even more. The last few hours wasn’t very well spent, but at least we stayed together. These are just some of the last few pictures taken…


And on our flight bound to sg


Though that marks the end of our Bali trip, it is the start of a new phase of our life, I came back with my engagement ring, and a change of status. Here’s my dearest fiancé and me!


Bali – A memorable trip

I’m back from Bali trip, but I’m still missing the days and time spent there. It’s really a memorable trip for me. I’ve had so much fun, and everyday, we are together, hand in hand, overloads of hugs and kisses.

Though I’ve been to Bali once last year, but I feel that I haven’t explored Bali enough, hence this time round, I wanted to go and experience those places I haven’t been to. The air tickets and accommodation was an anniversary gift from me to my dear Choy.

Our villa is awesome – huge and spacious, king sized beds and jacuzzi bathtub!


The villa is awesome, and not forgetting the great food that they served during room service. Our dinner in the villa was romantic – playing romantic songs while our candlelight dinner. ❤


Day 1
We went to seminyak square to shop around, walked round the area. I’m pretty familiar with this place as I’ve been here before the year before. Hence I’ve tried to go to a place that we haven’t been to for lunch – the junction. Food is mediocre but the crepe (nutella and banana) is good. The best combination ever!

Then we went over to potato head but it’s full and we didn’t manage to get a table, not even on the waiting list. So we just walked around the place taking pictures. The view is perfect and the concept similar to cafe del mar, with the day beds, pool and facing the beach.


It was a very short day for both of us as we were tired from our flight.

Day 2
Kintamani volcano, we had lunch overseeing the volcano and lakes. The view is really pretty. Sometimes we really need some time off our hectic schedule to enjoy such natural scenery.


Next, we went to ubud area. This place is famous for its rice terraces, and food like Babi guling and crispy duck. Though we didn’t manage to try the crispy duck, but the Babi guling is good! A very different taste from chinese roast pig. The meat is more tender, and the texture is alike duck meat.



Then we went to Tanah lot with very beautiful sun set. It’s always the sun sand and sea in Bali.



Day 3
It’s water rafting time! We are all ready, even bringing along our waterproof camera. It’s so exciting! Fast rapids, we need to duck and hide from the tree branches, the big boulders and the waterfall. So fun, but our boat almost capsized once, thank goodness for our guide and the fast reaction of my dear. Heh! And the most exciting part is the 4m drop! It’s even more exciting than a roller coaster. At least I think rafting feels more dangerous! all in all, it’s still extremely fun! I would love to do it again!

Then we went to rock bar to chill. The drinks are pricey, but yes we are paying for the great ambience there.


After drinks, it’s seafood dinner at jimbaran bay. Love the live prawns and squid!

We went back to the villa after dinner. It has been a real tiring day. And as usual, once we reached the hotel, I always tap on the wifi and update myself on fb, whatsapp etc, also switching on the tv. This was the day when he prepared the surprise for me…

( to be continued)

A different phase of life!

Guess what?! After 5 btos, and not being able to get a good enough ballot number has led me into another option…

Executive Condominium
It has been a very difficult choice for me to make. In my entire life, I’ve not considered Ec or condo as part of my option. The reason is very simple, I can’t afford it. Bto is my one and only option to begin with.

However, bf managed to convinced me that our joint effort is sufficient to ‘service’ an Ec..only then, I started doing my calculation, started all the calculations of 5%, 10%, progressive payment scheme etc. After much calculation, consideration and deliberation, I’ve decided to give the green lights to it.

Though it’s a hefty sum to begin with and I have always thought that it is a scary path to take…BUT I’m glad that I have found someone to share the burden with me… I have found someone that I wish to be with… I have found someone that I wanna start a family with.. I have found someone whom I want to spend my lifetime with!

I’m really excited towards this new phase of mine… And here’s our new home by June 2015!